Where to Read More on Topics Discussed Here?

With the information you find here on frozen and ready-made food, you will probably develop a new perception of it. Having learned that convenience food can be healthy too, you can eat it without guilt. For further reading or learning about the topic, here are some other helpful resources.


YouTube is always a great resource if you can find the right channels. The beauty of YouTube is its video nature that allows you to see what is being explained.

Resourceful YouTube channels on frozen food topics include Kitt Kiarie, Dancing Bacons, Veggie Paaji, Good Mythical Morning, and Babish Culinary Universe. The BBC and The Business Insider have also done insightful pieces on frozen food.


Leading culinary blogs also happen to take great interest in frozen food. The BBC Good Food, Pinch of Norm, Olive Magazine, The Petite Cook, and My Fussy eater are all great resources on the topic. Blog owners may not necessarily be qualified nutritionists.

However, they let you in on the consumer’s experience with frozen food. This is like the exact experience you would have in your home, hence often more helpful than other resources.

Most traditional culinary magazines have also introduced blog and website versions of themselves. If you have a favourite food magazine, care to search for its online version.

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